Lightweight composite panels, assemblies and components for the Defence Industry

Permali Gloucester Ltd. manufacture a range of laminated or filament-wound composite products and foam materials for the Defence industry.

Permali Gloucester supply bullet and blast resistant lightweight armour panels to RARDE 802 and other standards. Ballistic panels are manufactured using glass or other fibres and thermoset resin systems, or advanced thermoplastic materials, and can include ceramic tiles for protection against armour piercing rounds. Applications include armour panels for vehicles, ships and aircraft, or internal spall liners for metal-hulled armoured vehicles.

Permaglass composites are strong and inherently corrosion-resistant, and so are well suited to use on board ships.  Permali Gloucester supply deployable helicopter and gun net systems, fixed guardrail stanchions and other topside structures for use on warships.  In addition, fire resistant and low smoke emission phenolic composites are supplied for use as internal bulkheads and decorative panels in both naval and commercial vessels.

Other products include Permaglass sheet materials and sandwich panels using foam, honeycomb or balsa core materials. These offer high strength to weight ratios coupled with exceptional fire resistance, thermal and electrical insulating properties and no magnetic signature. Filament wound tubes are also offered for launcher tube and pressure vessel applications.

Plasticell foams are used in applications ranging from buoyancy and sound deadening aboard combat support boats to thermal insulation on larger frigates and submarines.