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Case Studies

Delivering leading composite material solutions across Defence, Aerospace, Rail and Automotive markets since 1937

The following Case Studies provide an overview of the type and breadth of work Permali have undertaken for our customers across the market areas we serve. Please scroll down to see a range of projects across the military Land, Naval and Air domains:

Land Systems

 Composite Armour for UK AJAX Vehicle

Permali has recently been awarded a £15 million contract to supply composite armour materials to General Dynamics European Land Systems. The materials will be an important part of the ballistic protection measures used in a new AJAX vehicle. The AJAX vehicles are being delivered to the British Army by General Dynamics Land Systems-UK.


Ballistic Armour for Supacat HMT Extenda Vehicle

Permali has recently been awarded a contract to supply composite ballistic armour panels to Supacat. The panels will provide ballistic protection on a specific HMT Extenda vehicle being designed and built for a major order that Supacat will be delivering in 2017/18.

Warthog  Appliqué Armour Solution

Permali supplied the UK MoD with an Appliqué Armour (& Spall Liner) solution for the Warthog platform, working with the Original Equipment Manufacturer - Singapore Technology Kinetics (STK), for an Urgent Operational Requirement in 2009/10.

UK MoD placed a contract with STK for the supply of over 100 Warthog vehicles. The Warthog is an enhanced version of STK's proven Bronco ATC. The UOR nature of the programme meant that the timescale from concept to In Service date was less than eighteen months.

In order to achieve the critical timescales of the programme Permali undertook parallel design, development and production readiness programmes:

Design (Month 1 to 10):

  • STK Site visit (templating study)
  • 3D CAD models produced from templates & incorporated in vehicle model
  • Exchange & refinement of models & panel designs
  • Plexiglass mock up panels manufactured & supplied to STK
  • Further refinement & final plywood mockup and Design freeze

Development & Qualification (Month 1 to 10):

  • Ballistic development programme (performance vs weight)
  • Environmental (Temperature / Shock & Vibration)

Production & Delivery:

  • Material/Supplier selection with just in time delivery
  • Production line set up (capital expenditure & proving)
  • Vehicle integration planning (split sites)
  • 1st production delivery 'Fitted first time': Month 11/12
  • Contact complete (115 sets): Month 18

Nexter VBCI Spall Liners

After a strongly contested European-wide competitive tender process, Permali Gloucester were selected by Nexter as single source supplier for the Spall Liners, Thermal Insulation and Floor Panels on the French VBCI programme.

By 2014, 632 vehicle sets were supplied across two VBCI versions - VCI (infantry combat vehicle) and VPC (command post vehicle).

Each integrated spall liner & thermal insulation kit consists of approximately 50 composites panels and was supplied in returnable packaging.

Each kit is supplied direct to the production line, with panels presented in order of fitment.

Permali worked hand in hand with Nexter to ensure 'right first time' supply, refining the design of the side, roof and floor panels through an extensive and iterative aproach.

Extensive testing was conducted to meet fire performance requirements alongside other key safety and parameters for the platform.

Land Rover RWMIK Composite Blast Moulding

Permali worked with Ricardo to enhance the RWMIK floor for blast protection under a UK MoD UOR.

Permali supplied a one piece complex shaped composite moulding that was fitted into the vehicle floor alongside other elements supplied by Ricardo, providing a light weight 'bolt in' blast protection upgrade. 100 vehicles were upgraded over a period of 10 months, from concept design to in service in theatre.

BAE Systems Panther CLV Roof upgrade

Permali worked with BAE Systems to supply a composite roof for the UK MoD Panther Command and Liaison Vehicle (CLV), under a UOR programme.

The composite roof was required to replace the existing metallic component to enhance structural rigidity in order that a Remote Weapon Station (RWS) could be integrated onto the platform, whilst also providing a level of ballistic protection. This was achieved at zero weight gain.

An innovative moulding design ensured structural stability, whilst also incorporating an EMC screen as well as all attachment and mounting points for the various hatches, sights and weapon mount requirements.

In all, 468 vehicles were supplied in 18 months (Concept design to In Service).

Oshkosh HET Cab Armour

Permali supplied applique armour to the Oshkosh Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) and Wheeled Tanker as part of a UK MoD UOR. This upgrade involved the design, test, manufacture and integration of ballistic protection panels, both internal & external, to increase protection levels of the vehicles to a specified standard set by the UK MoD. The solution was tested and certified against STANAG 4569 and AEP 55 standards, met strict environmental, fire, smoke and toxicity requirements, and has since been deployed and proven on operations.

CIEDD Vehicle Blast Panels

Permali worked with Penman Engineering to supply the blast protection panels and side skirts on the UK MoD Wedgewood Counter Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (CIEDD) vehicle.

The panels were integrated into the base platform box body to provide protection against high velocity fragments, protecting both the operators and equipment when deployed and within the vehicle at an Incident Control Point (ICP).

Naval Systems

UK Type 45 Destroyers

When the UK Type 45 Destroyers were being developed a decision was taken to make them as stealthy as possible.

To this end the stanchions and safety net systems had to meet strict design specifications.

1)The chosen material and shape to provide a reduced radar cross section.

2)There would be no vibration of the systems.

3) Operation by one person.

Permali developed a system which incorporated the use of a cast stainless steel stanchion base with a unique positive locking system ( camlock ).

The system was selected for use on the Type 45 Destroyers and approved for further BAE Surface Ships including the Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers.

The Permali system has now been installed on over 50 warships and auxiliaries worldwide.

Holland Class OPV

At the request of Damen Schelde Naval Systems (DSNS ), Permali designed a hydraulically operated automated flight deck safety net system in conjunction with the Dutch company Hydrauvision.

The system is in use on the Holland Class OPVs of the Dutch Navy. Watch a demonstration on the Permali You Tube Channel.

The Holland Class OPV's also required a number of removable "plug in " stanchions.

Permali developed a bayonet type stanchion and associated deck fittings.

HMS Clyde - Retrofit of Safety Net System

The Falklands patrol vessel, HMS Clyde, a batch 1 River Class vessel, required an upgraded composite flight deck safety net system to replace the existing steel system.

The ship was surveyed at Mare Harbour, East Falkland and a system designed incorporating eyelines to enable an S61 Sea King Helicopter to land on the relatively small deck.

The system was installed successfully despite the ship being 8,000 miles and 18 hours flying time away.

UK Royal Fleet Auxiliaries ( RFA )

Due to the increased threat from terrorist attack many warships and auxiliaries are fitted with additional small calibre weapons such as miniguns and GPMGs.

The weapons are generally mounted on steel bulwarks, however to defeat the perceived threats and to protect the weapon operator an additional spall liner is added to the inboard side of the bulwark.

This is usually a glass based material or UHMWPE.

Permali offer a templating service to ensure the accurate fit of the spall liner material.

Air Systems

Chinook Helicopter

CH-47 Chinook Ballistic Protection

In 2003 the UK RAF initiated an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) to develop a ballistic protection armour installation for their Chinook HC Mk2 aircraft.  The requirement was to provide an extensive armour fit to protect the cockpit, cabin and ramp areas of the aircraft, to be developed, qualified and flight cleared in an extremely short timescale.Permali was selected as the prime contractor for this complex project, and worked very closely with the customer to deliver the first armour kit for flight trial within 9 months of contract award.Permali have subsequently also supplied ballistic protection to the Royal Netherlands Airforce for their CH-47D & F aircraft, and has worked with Boeing to provide solutions for their export customers.

Delivering leading composite material solutions across Defence, Aerospace, Rail and Automotive markets since 1937