Composite Solutions

Permali offers its customers a wide range of tailored composite solutions to suit specific needs, designed and manufactured under exacting AS9100 accredited quality standards.

We offer semi-finished fibre reinforced epoxy, phenolic and UHMWPE composite sheet materials, in sheet sizes up to 8.7 sq.m.

Our production combined with technical expertise in formulating composite resin systems using specialty fillers and additives, along with design engineering and materials testing capabilities makes us experts at what we do.

Glass and aramid fibre reinforced prepregs and solid or sandwich design laminate sheet materials are supplied as semi-finished products to convertors. Lightweight ballistic grade sheet materials are also high pressure laminated from specialist UHMWPE fibre products for armour plate applications, such as DSM Dyneema® and Spectra Shield® from Honeywell International Inc.

Alternatively, finished composite components are manufactured to order, either CNC machined from in-house produced composite sheet materials or closed moulded. Depending on individual customer requirements, Permali can also supply sub-assembly composite parts with metal fixtures, or fully assembled finished components, painted or with special PU coatings, ready to fit.

Composite Production Capabilities Overview

Permali’s extensive in-house production capabilities for manufacturing composite solutions include:

  • Prepreg production of glass fibre, aramid and other fibre reinforced epoxy or phenolic materials, on a roll or as cut to size sheets.
  • High pressure laminating of epoxy, phenolic and UHMWPE composite sheet materials.
  • Hot pressing lightweight ‘sandwich’ design composite sheeting, combining balsa, Plasticell® PVC foam or other closed cell foam cores with in-house laminated sheet materials for the two outer skins.
  • Compression moulding solid FRP laminate sheeting from epoxy and phenolic liquid resin systems or from UHMWPE and continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic materials.
  • Closed moulding (vacuum bagging & liquid resin infusion – RTM / RTM light/ VARTM) of complex shaped FRP composite parts based on epoxy, VE or phenolic resin grades custom formulated with mineral fillers and additives to meet fire and other regulatory standards.
  • Sub assembly of CNC components, precision machined from Permali manufactured composite sheet materials or closed moulded parts.
  • Fully finished, assembled, coated/painted CNC machined and closed moulded composite components.

Our solutions are available across many sectors - select your choice:

Key Composite Products & Market Applications

Permali has established market leading positions in a number of key markets and application areas with its innovative composite solutions:

  • Armour & Spall Liner systems – appliqué armour, ballistic and blast protection composite materials for land vehicles, fixed and rotary wing aircraft and marine vessels used by the Defence industry (Army/ Navy/ Airforce), security forces and for VIPs.
  • Fire resistant cargo bay liner systems & maintenance ‘peel and stick’ repair patches for commercial aircraft.
  • CCHS® – Permali’s proprietary cargo handling system for the CH-47 Chinook helicopters, designed for the rapid despatch of wooden cargo pallets. The system is fully compatible with Permali’s armour upgrade lightweight ballistic protection system for the helicopter’s cockpit and cabin areas, which can be retrofitted.
  • MOD approved non-conductive, corrosion resistant high strength FRP composite stanchions for manual and automated flight deck net systems and guard rails on aircraft carriers and other naval fighting ships.
  • Underfloor protection – underside safety shield for racing cars, to protect against high impact debris damage to vital under chassis areas; anti-blast under floor land mine protection for military vehicles in operational service.
  • Fire, smoke and toxic fume (FST) rail sector rated electrical insulation and crash impact energy absorbing glass fibre reinforced composite laminated sheet materials used for manufacturing rolling stock components.

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