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Delivering leading composite material solutions across Defence, Aerospace, Rail and Automotive markets since 1937

Research & Development

Permali invests heavily in a process of continuous R&D and material development to meet the current and future needs of our customers.  We constantly evaluate new materials, and work to develop and optimise processes and manufacturing techniques to yield the maximum performance for any given application.

Permali particularly specializes in materials with excellent ballistic and blast resistance, as well as materials with high levels of fire resistance coupled with low smoke and toxic fume emissions.

Prototyping and pilot scale manufacturing allows material solutions to be quickly developed, and an on-site laboratory allows for most mechanical and flammability testing to be performed in-house.

Ballistic and mine blast testing is performed at a number of independent and Ministry of Defence (MoD) approved test ranges across the UK.

Permali has 2D and 3D CAD facilities and the ability to exchange data with most of the major CAD packages used by our customers and suppliers.