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Tuftane thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a range of highly elastic, flexible films manufactured using blown film extrusion technology. Tuftane TPU offers a range of impressive polymer characteristics such as:

  • Excellent wear, tear, and puncture resistance
  • Good elastic recovery from up to 650% elongation
  • Soft to touch
  • Excellent biocompatibility, compliant with ISO 10993
  • Specialised properties such as anti static, high slip, fire retardancy, anti microbial
  • Appearance: clear, translucent, opaque, colour matched to preference
  • Thickness: 0.025 mm to 0.75 mm

Tuftane TPU is used in demanding technical applications across a wide range of industries including medical, personal protection, construction, textile, food preparation, aerospace, automotive, and recreation.

Tuftane TPUs can be used as transparent membranes, hot melt adhesives, protective liners, barrier films, functional surface treatments, inflatable bladders, and a variety of other novel applications.

Tuftane TPUs can be processed using traditional cutting techniques, RF and ultrasonic welding, vacuum and thermoforming, and heat and adhesive lamination.

Permali have been manufacturing Tuftane thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films for over twenty years, our continued success in a competitive industry has been achieved by understanding and meeting the needs of our customers globally. These needs include technical innovation, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, supply reliability, and cost control.

Please continue to our dedicated Tuftane web site for more information on the Tuftane product, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements in detail.