Roll Slitting

Roll Slitting Process

Roll slitting enables us to reduce waste and increase maximum product efficiency for our clients. Our slitting capabilities mean that we can cater to a variety of requirements with precision, low tolerance and produce a high-quality outcome.

Slitting rolls of Tuftane® TPU films reduces scrap and optimises end user productivity. Rolls, also called logs, are slit down and cut custom to the machines they are going to. This reduces waste in the entire supply chain, creating a more sustainable process for all involved.

We use both log slitting and rewind slitting, dependent on the needs of each particular project. Due to the nature of the products, we manufacture, we use log slitting only.

Roll Slitting

Roll, or Log, Slitters

Log slitters use a master roll, which is then slit to the width specified.

Our log slitters work by slicing through the entire roll in question, even the core, which is normally a relatively thick master core. The width is set first, and then our machines slitting is either done manually or automatically. Automatic slitting is more precise, and therefore is the common method used by most modern companies, including Permali.

The material on the roll is not unwound, instead the core remains the same. There are many benefits to using a log slitter, as they are faster to perform many cuts than a rewinder, and there is no need to have pre-cut cores. However, they require the end user to have the ability to use the full size of the master core.

Once slit, we can rewind the rolls to customer specified lengths, or provide our TPU on the master roll.

CNC Markets & Applications

While there are many applications for precisely cut roll slits, any roll over 50mm in width can be slit, and here at Permali, we use roll slitting:

TPU Elastic Tapes

To create TPU elastic tapes for applications such as technical sportswear, and also for weatherproof seams in tents, bags and waterproof clothing.


For PPE of all kinds, each material is slit to the exact width required.

Drive Belts

For drive belts of cars that require precise width.

Expert Roll Slitting

Thanks to our expertise in the production of high quality, low tolerance solutions for a variety of industries, we can provide expert roll slitting to ensure production to your exacting standards.

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