Bonding & Assembly

Adhesive sealants

Permali has expertise in using a wide range of joint sealants and structural adhesives for bonding similar and dissimilar engineering materials: thermoset composites, thermoplastics, metals and ceramics. ­Depending on the materials and type of joint, adhesive systems used include: Epoxy, Phenolic, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Cyano acrylate, Silicones, modified-silane-polymer (MSP) adhesive sealants.

­Ceramic plate inclusion with ballistic grade Permaglass® composite sheet/plates to produce appliqué armour.

­Depending on customer needs, Permali will produce partially or fully assembled, ready to install components and complete panel systems, coated and/or painted to order (FCCS).

Single Site Processing Capabilities

Our extensive in-house processing capabilities are available with materials sourced by Permali or by our clients.

Permali operates a centralised 10,500 sqm site located in Gloucester, South West England, where it has its production operations, design, research & development (R&D) facilities and head office.

All design engineering, manufacturing and product development is carried out to exacting standards including to ISO 9001 certified quality control systems.

The company is also AS9100 accredited and holds numerous customer approvals.

Whatever you need, from whatever industry, the Permali team of materials technologists, design engineers and processing specialists are able to quickly apply their combined expertise to rapidly find a solution and deliver the product you need.

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