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Manufacturers of Advanced Composite & TPU Solutions

Since 1937 Permali has been a sector leader in the manufacture, design, and qualification of composite and PU material solutions for the defence, aerospace, health, rail, automotive, and many other engineering sectors that require compliance with complex regulatory frameworks.

Products we make include a vast range of bespoke FRP composite panels, components, and systems, based on a wide variety of resins, fibres, cores, and adhesives.  Permali’s product range is extended further with the inclusion of our Tuftane® products, a range of aromatic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastic films.

Permali operates internationally from a large 10,500 m2 manufacturing facility based in Gloucester, UK. Utilising a comprehensive collection of specialised manufacturing capabilities all under one roof, and a quality management system designed to deliver continuous improvement which comply with ISO9001:2018 & AS9100 rev D.

People trust Permali – Protection. Performance. Precision. Advanced material solutions delivered by experts.

A rich history of innovation, a right first-time culture, and an honest, motivated, multiskilled workforce allows Permali to supply some of the most prestigious engineering organisations in the world. These relationships continue to thrive and prosper, combining effectively to create real value for money solutions that our customers trust meet their requirements at all levels.

The Diamorph Group

Permali is part of the Diamorph Group Composite & Materials business unit.

The Diamorph Group consists of brands that are well known for their material science innovation and proven performance in arduous real-life situations, as well as in-house manufacturing and R&D.

The Diamorph Group engages in development, manufacturing and sales of high-performance products:

  • Composite and Polymer Materials
  • High Temperature Solutions
  • Passive Fire Protection

Diamorph actively seeks deep niches in larger markets where we can use our advanced materials knowledge, technological innovations and science to create differentiated products with extreme performance. The company operates globally with more than 61% of its revenue outside the UK & Ireland. Diamorph serves customers worldwide, with sales offices across Europe, North America & Australasia

History & innovation

Since 1937, Permali has been contributing to the forefront of innovation – breaking new frontiers from Spitfires to helping send man to Space.


Air Defence

Propeller blades developed for the famous Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft during WW2.

Land & Sea Defence


Permali produced veneers which were used in large supporting structures employed in the development of both land and ship borne radar.

Sea Defence

Permali develops large numbers of submarine battery containers which proved to be capable of withstanding the shock of depth-charge attacks.


Permali introduces Jabroc-N densified wood laminates used for radiation protection on
trains (British Nuclear Fuel).



Advances in GRP moulding allowed the manufacture of external meter boxes to begin. Due to this there was an investment in a 630 tonne moulding press.

Aerospace - NASA


Permali won the largest ever single fan blade contract to produce 95 wind turbine blades for NASA’s Ames Research Centre, California – the largest wind tunnel in the world.

Sea Defence - British Navy


Plasticell LST2 was developed for the British Navy after experiences of the Falklands war as an insulator due to its fire retardency and low smoke/toxic fume emissions.

Rail - London Underground


New range of industry leading fire resistant laminates developed for train carriages following the King’s Cross fire disaster.

Aerospace - British Airways


Permali develops Permaglass Cargo Liners installed on the Concorde (to replace and upgrade
existing cargo-hold linings).

Sea Defence - Royal Navy


Permali fits its first flight deck safety nets to naval warships. The system is now on over 50 warships worldwide.

Automotive - F1


Commenced the production and supply of composite laminate CNC machined parts to F1 motorsport teams.

Sea Defence


Submarine resting pads known as Capper Blocks were developed by Permali to support nuclear submarines.

Land Defence


Composite Armour panels were installed on bomb disposal vehicles in Northern Ireland during the attacks of the IRA.



Developed aircraft cockpit door armour after the 911 event capable of withstanding ramming and small arms fire. First supplied to Virgin and later to Airbus and Boeing.

Air Defence - Royal Air Force


Chinook helicopter ballistic protection developed and supplied as part of an Urgent Operational Requirement.

Land Defence


Supply of ceramic applique armour for Scimitar and Spartan vehicles.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane


Bought sales and marketing rights to Tuftane® brand for the extrusion of Thermoplastic
Polyurethane (TPU).

Automotive - F1


Permali completed the F1 grid – now has the prestigious honour of being supplier to all teams competing in the F1 championship.

Land Defence


Supplied spall liners and insulation for Nexter’s Armoured Personnel Carriers.

Land Defence


100 sets of Applique armour and spall liners supplied for the Warthog vehicle worth £10M for STK.

Land Defence


Won the biggest customer contract to date from General Dynamics for the British Army’s
Ajax vehicle, with a value of more than £30m.

Land Defence


Permali provided composite ballistic panels to Supacat vehicle.

Sea Defence - Royal Navy


Permali awarded £2 million contract to provide ballistic protection for the Royal Navy’s
new Commando Merlin Mk4 Helicopters.

Sea Defence


Permali develops Flight Deck Naval Hatch to be used on a range of destroyers and frigates.

Automotive - Hydrogen


Permali awarded funding to develop composite structures for hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

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