GRP Laminates and GRP Composites

Permali uses the brand name Permaglass for an extensive range of fibre reinforced laminates with various resin systems specifically developed to meet the technical requirements of demanding engineering applications.

The useful properties of our GRP composites and laminates designers can use to improve the performance of their products include:

  • Exceptional strength to weigh ratios
  • Low and high operating temperatures
  • High corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical and arc resistance


60+ years of experience and expertise in GRP Composites

For over 60 years at Permali, we have honed our expertise in developing Permaglass, our brand name GRP composite, and laminate materials. We pride ourselves on meeting stringent fire safety standards, especially in industries like aerospace and rail. Additionally, we specialise in tailoring our Permaglass materials for ballistic and blast protection in the defence industry.

Our expertise extends to creating high-performance insulating materials for the electrical industry, as well as adapting our Permaglass materials for use as cryogenic pipe supports in LNG plants. These examples should assure you of our capabilities. If you have a challenging design requirement and are considering a composite material solution, rest assured you are in safe hands with Permali.

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