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Dust Skirts

Signature reduction technology

Dust skirts are a modular, retrofittable system, based on a new tough rubber composite material. The addition of dust skirts will aid in the reduction of abrasive dust related engine problems, which is a major issue in hot,
dry theatres of operation. Permali’s dust skirts offer both radar and visual signature reductions.

Permali’s dust skirts are designed to provide the optimum balance between stiffness and flexibility from a synthetic fire-retardant rubber composite designed for Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs). The system ensures the
operational risks caused by sand and dust are mitigated; Permali’s dust skirts can also be applied to wheeled AFVs.

Fitting Permali’s dust guards decreases the volume of sand and dust which is thrown into the air and potentially drawn into the engine through the air inlet. Permali’s dust skirt and mud guard system is provided with easy application ‘bolt-on’ brackets that will fit the majority of AFVs and these brackets are available in either metallic or composite material.

Key Features and Benefits:

Reduced engine seizures from dust intake

Limiting the impact of dust related engine problems, a major issue in hot, dry environments.

Reduced radar signature from dust clouds

Helping support stealth of AFVs by managing the shape and size of dust clouds.

High strength and durability

Rugged material selection to balance performance between weight, strength and flexibility.

Easy to install

- Tailored designs for simple vehicle integration.
- Fixing mechanisms quick to release and re-attach.

Environmental resistance

- Fire resistant
- EMI / RFI shielding
- Ozone and UV resistant
- Chemical and corrosion resistant

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