Panther Command & Liaison Vehicle Roof Solution

Our customer approached Permali to help solve an issue with the Panther vehicle roof (weighing 7-tonnes, the Panther is a command and liaison vehicle which is air transportable and can be underslung beneath a Chinook helicopter). Greater stiffness was needed within the roof plate and this could have been achieved through the increase of the sectional thickness of the roof’s metalwork or with inclusion of stiffeners. The former would have incurred a significant mass penalty, whilst the latter would have compromised the available internal space. A mass neutral solution was sought.

Panther Vehicle

Above: Panther Vehicle


Working with the customer Permali undertook the challenge of designing and manufacturing an innovative, moulded composite roof capable of providing the desired stiffness and delivering enhanced levels of survivability. Product development and validation activities were run in parallel with the design phase to provide an in-theatre solution within 18 months of conceptualization.

Permali's machined Panther roof

Above: Permali’s machined Panther roof


As the project and working relationships developed, Permali were tasked with the machining of the roof panel and subsequent fitting and installation of the, ground plane, hatch rings, and seals.

Permali panther roof fitted

Above: End result


In total, 440 units were provided and delivered lineside, fully painted and kitted out to the vehicle OEM.

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