Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke solutions for demanding applications

Permali applies its extensive processing expertise and advanced materials knowledge to help develop products which provide added value benefits to end users and manufacturers.

The experienced Permali team of materials technologists, design engineers and processing specialists are highly skilled in rapidly developing innovative bespoke solutions for demanding applications.

In-house production capabilities for manufacturing advanced material solutions include: epoxy and phenolic prepreg sheeting; pressing thermoset resin and thermoplastic FRP composite solid and sandwich design sheet materials; closed moulding FRP composites parts; CNC machined, bonded, assembled, painted finished components; blown film extrusion of custom blended Tuftane® TPU film grades.

Diverse industry sector experience

We work across a wide range of industries that ensures we are keeping our minds open to new ways to tackle the challenges our customers face. By drawing on best practise regardless of sector we are able to help our clients achieve continuous improvement. The key markets supplied by Permali with semi-finished material or finished part bespoke solutions include:

Bespoke Solutions

Customised Product Formulations

To create bespoke solutions for either FRP composite or Tuftane® TPU film products, Permali takes high quality raw material base polymer grades and creates its own resin formulations and TPU polymer grade blends.

High quality specialty additives, fillers and pigments are used in bespoke product formulations to meet any regulatory standards and to provide the aesthetic and performance properties for an end use application.

Permali particularly specializes in manufacturing advanced composite systems with excellent ballistic and blast resistance, as well as materials with high levels of chemical resistance, electrical insulation, thermal insulation and fire protection from flames, smoke and toxic fume emissions.

Bespoke Solutions

Research & Development

Permali has an ongoing investment programme in Research & Development (R&D) and materials development to meet changing customer and market needs.

The R & D team is focused on evaluating new materials, developing new bespoke product solutions and optimising manufacturing techniques to yield the maximum performance for any given application.

Rapid prototyping and access to in-house ‘pilot scale’ manufacturing facilities enable bespoke new product development (NPD) prototypes to be tested and modified at pace, speeding up the NPD process for Permali customers.

Permali’s on-site laboratory is equipped to carry out most mechanical and flammability testing. Ballistic and mine blast testing is performed at a number of independent and Ministry of Defence (MoD) approved test ranges across the UK.

Bespoke Solutions

Proven Track Record

Permali has a proven track record as a highly responsive supplier, able to reliably deliver innovative bespoke products and system solutions to tight project deadlines.

Permali has 2D and 3D CAD facilities and the design engineering team keeps its systems up to date, so that processing data can be with most of the major CAD packages used by customers and suppliers.

Customers benefit from working closely with Permali’s R & D team and technical experts to help them to develop products with enhanced performance capabilities, often assisting in completing new projects faster.

Examples of successful bespoke solutions for land, sea and air applications currently being used all over the world:

  • Land mine underfloor protection for military combat vehicles
  • Flight deck folding safety net systems & guardrail stanchions for naval warships
  • CCHS® rapid cargo handling system for the CH-47 Chinook helicopter

® CCHS is a Registered Trademark of Permali Gloucester Limited.

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