TPU Film for Textiles

TPU Film for Textiles

TPU Solutions for Technical Fabrics & Textiles

Permali formulates and manufactures a wide range of Tuftane® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films for textiles,  based on either polyester or polyether aromatic PU polymer technologies.
Leading manufacturers rely on Tuftane® TPU films and TPU fabrics to improve the performance of all types of textiles and technical fabrics used in products which provide comfort, safety or protection.

Tuftane® TPU material is available in over 30 standard grades with a wide choice of flexibility, softness, durability, tear strength and elasticity. Permali also formulates bespoke solutions with specialty additives to provide specific product attributes and performance criteria. Tuftane® TPU films can be made firm and stiff, or soft, flexible and easily drapable. This makes them ideal for use in industrial, healthcare, commercial and consumer products, as backing materials for outerwear apparel specialty fabrics, textiles and conformable materials. Tuftane® TPU fabrics for textiles are proven to withstand industrial washing cycles and dry cleaning.

TPU Film for Textiles

Tuftane® TPU Film Solutions

Tuftane® TPU fabric products are used as laminating films, waterproofing membrane, breathable membranes, protective liners, barrier films, transparent bags, and many other applications. Flexibility and elasticity is combined with excellent abrasion wear, tear strength and puncture resistance, even at low temperatures, as well providing outstanding environmental resistance to gases, ozone, water, oil and chemicals.

For manufacturers of medical equipment and healthcare products, specially formulated Tuftane® TPU film grades have been developed using additives to combine biocompatibility with excellent resistance to the growth of fungi and bacteria.

All Tuftane® TPU fabric material is blended and blown film extruded in-house by Permali, slit to width and rewound in roll lengths to optimise productivity and minimise scrap, providing customers with cost effective standard and bespoke solutions.

Key Features and Benefits:

Colour matched film options

Clear, translucent or opaque, tinted or solid colour matched film options, as required.

Film thickness

Film thickness from 25 microns (0.025 mm) to 750 microns (0.75 mm).

Roll widths

Roll widths from 50mm, supplied up to 1600mm (@ 25 microns) and 900mm (@750 microns).

Specialty additives

Formulations with specialty additives e.g. fire retardancy, anti-static, anti-microbial.


Flexible, highly drapable grade options for apparel, soft furnishing and decorative textiles.

Soft and comfortable

Soft to the touch, comfortable and able to conform to body shapes.


Processable using traditional plastic/rubber material combining, converting, and finishing methods.

Choice of film hardness

Choice of film hardness (82 – 95 Shore A), elongation up to 800% to suit specific applications needs.

High strength

High strength, high elasticity grades, with elastic recovery up to 650%.

Excellent abrasion wear

Excellent abrasion wear, tear strength and puncture resistance, even at low temperatures.

Bonding properties

Can be used as a holt melt adhesive to bond dissimilar materials.

Variety of grades

Grades for producing gas/liquid impermeable, waterproof membrane and breathable membranes.


Automatic machine washable or can be industrially dry cleaned.


Tuftane® TPU films products are used in numerous textiles and flexible material applications including:

Pressure sensitive tapes for fabric bonding instead of sewing
Application of logos, numerals and letters for T-shirts and sportswear.
Healthcare, commercial and domestic mattress covers.
Outdoor furniture fabrics, pads and covers.
Commercial & domestic furnishings upholstery laminate.
Decorative wallcovering & furniture fabric laminate.
Hatbands, raincoats and umbrellas.
Labels, emblems backing and adhesive.
Foul weather clothing.
Tablecloth laminate.
Pocket/patch reinforcement.
Tent laminate.
Zipper reinforcements.
Shower curtains.
Industrial aprons, protective overwear, hospital gowns and gloves.
Holt melt adhesives to combine dissimilar materials
Laminate to fabric for wallcovering, or decorative furniture
Liners for fleece & down padded gilets/vests and jackets.
Splicing & laminating conveyor belting materials.
Elastic tapes for underwear & wet weather garments.
Helmet and skip boot liners.
Material laminate for thermal insulation.
Fabric reinforcement.
Yacht sail laminates.
Inflatable sleeping bags.
Parachute materials.
Infant wear.

Examples of Tuftane® TPU film applications:

Tuftane TPU films used as a hot melt adhesive film are ideal for heat bonding identification emblems and labels to fabric, which can cope with industrial washing detergents. The flexibility of the Tuftane film maintains the performance of light weight fabrics over large surface areas for even the most demanding applications. Emblem can be removed by heat.

Thin gauge Tuftane TPU films, used as membranes within a system of fabrics, can help manufactures offer lighter, more comfortable technically advanced garments with value added benefits including: improved weather protection; greater durability; less noise/static; more breathable; suitable for automatic washing machine or industrial dry cleaning.

Tuftane TPU films slit into thin tapes are used to provide strength, elasticity, and stiffness in conventional clothing areas such as bra straps and waist lines. Increasingly technical sports clothing uses elastic reinforcement in strategic locations to improve performance and conformity with the body. Tuftane elastic tapes are also extensively used for providing weatherproof seam seals for tents, rainwear, bags, and protective covers.

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