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Solutions for Energy

Permali has a global reputation and as a manufacturer and supplier of innovative advanced material solutions used in demanding environments for a wide variety of protection and safety critical applications including the energy industry.

The company uses its extensive materials expertise and processing capabilities to produce a wide range of glass and aramid fibre reinforced standard and bespoke Permaglass® composite materials used in energy industries such as Offshore Oil Rigs and Marine applications. Permaglass® grades are also ideal composites in renewable energy fields.

This includes Oil Rig helipads and walkways where safety net systems, gates and guardrails are required to ensure the safety of staff.

All Permaglass® sheet grades are manufactured in-house, formulated to meet specific performance and regulatory standards, including fire and electrical insulation. The Permaglass® FRP sheet range offers alternative advanced material solutions to asbestos.


Composite Solutions for Energy

Permali customers in the energy sector have benefited from the high performance capabilities of proven Permaglass® electrical insulation grades and energy composites.

  • Permaglass® MER20 & MER35 sheet grades offer halogen-free, fire retardant electrical insulation and resistance against arcing and tracking, with excellent mechanical properties, thermal insulation and easy machinability. Proven energy applications include arc boxes and insulation protection barriers for AC electric power units and generators.
  • Permaglass® 22FE materials are a range of standard fine weave glass epoxy laminates, which can be precision CNC machined to produce electrical insulation components.

Key Features and Benefits:

High strength

High mechanical strength, high modulus FRP composite sheet material

Halogen Free

Halogen free thermoset resins formulations.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation and chemical resistance

Meets Standards

Meet stringent building, road and rail infrastructure fire safety standards.

Outstanding resistance

Outstanding electrical insulation and arcing/tracking resistance

Easy to machine

Easy to machine

Production Capabilities

Composite Materials for the Energy Industry

Permaglass® FRP laminate sheet materials can be supplied as semi-finished stock sheet materials, from 0.3mm to 60mm thick, cut to size on request to suit customers’ production needs.

Permali also has 3 & 5 axis CNC machining, bonding, coating, painting and assembly capabilities, so finished, ready to install sub-assembled composite components with metal fixtures can alternatively be supplied to order.

Tuftane® Film Production Capabilities
Tuftane® TPU films are blended and blown film extruded in-house in film gauges from 25 microns (0.025 mm) to 750 microns (0.75 mm). Permali has slitting and rewinding facilities to supply films to order in roll widths and length, to optimise productivity and minimise scrap.

Tuftane® TPU Films for Personal Protection Equipment

TPU films

Tuftane® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films are flexible and elastomeric with outstanding abrasion wear, tear strength and puncture resistance, along with outstanding environmental resistance to gases, ozone, water, oil and chemicals.

Tough, thin film material solutions

Tuftane® TPU films can be clear, translucent or a solid opaque colour, used with textile and flexible materials as laminating films, transparent membranes, fabric protective liners and barrier films. This makes them excellent, tough, thin film material solutions, used extensively in medical and industrial personal protection equipment (PPE).

Key products:

For more than 10 years, Permali has supplied specially formulated highly durable, fire resistant Tuftane® TPU film grades for manufacturers of high performance PPE equipment used in the nuclear industry including:


Gloves, headwear and safety boots


Coveralls and airtight body suits


High visibility transparent protection hoods


Emergency escape hood breathing apparatus

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