Fuel Tank Protection – BattleJacket®


Protective Coating Technology for Fuel Tanks and Tankers

Ballistic damage to vehicle fuel tanks can cause catastrophic fires and explosions or immobilise vehicles due to fuel loss.

BattleJacket® is an advanced spray-on protective polymer technology that immediately seals and heals a punctured fuel tank when pierced by a bullet or projectile, preventing fuel loss and explosion, providing the ultimate protection to mission critical assets.


Battle proven technology

BattleJacket® is a battle proven technology with nearly 20 years of service history in military applications. Developed for the US armed forces for the protection of land based vehicles against explosions and fires due to ballistic damage to fuel tanks and tankers, by High Impact Technology, LLC. This advanced polymer coating is a unique 3 layer spray on system that can be applied easily to complex geometries and can coat the surfaces of all fuel tank materials.

This unique, patented, fire protective urethane polymer coating has been so successful it’s applications have been extended to protect other structures and products such as fuel cells, holding tanks, pipelines, railcars, with the list continuing to grow.

Key Features and Benefits:

Fuel Leak Prevention

Unique healing polymer technology automatically seals penetrations on impact.

Easy to apply

– Sprayed on like a paint and bonds strongly to all metallic and plastics surfaces
– CARC paint compatible

Oil pollution prevention

– Title 40 Section 112 compliant

Enhanced environmental resistance

Improved protection for the tank against temperature (-50°C to 150°C) , corrosion, abrasion, and impact.

Increased structural integrity

High durability external coating withstanding high pressures up to 150 psi

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