Vehicle Underbelly Mine Protection

Permali have provided a range of technologies to help enhance a vehicle’s survivability when faced with underbelly attack from mines and IEDs.

At lower threat levels this typically involves protection against fragments penetrating the vehicle floor originating from threats such as grenades and antipersonnel mines. Solutions typically take the form of an internal liner fastened to the floor. Depending upon the severity of the threat faced, solutions can range from relatively thin and flexible liners to bespoke moulded composite components that conform to the profile of the vehicle’s floor.

Materials used for internal protection are similar in nature to those formulations used for spall liners. So as well-as offering fragmentation protection the internal liners will, with the correct material selection and configuration, provide cone angle reduction against EFP’s and shaped charge IEDS too.

Solutions manufactured from the more structural composite protective materials provide enhancements to a vehicle’s graceful degradation, protecting welds and other structurally weak areas. They can also improve a vehicle’s structural response under blast loading, reinforcing areas of weakness and enhancing global stiffness. Components take the form of laminated, foam-cored sandwich panels or moulded composite structures. These structural mouldings can also be mounted to the outside of the vehicle as a first line of defence in areas such as wheel arches, flitch plates and belly pans.

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