Single Site Processing Capabilities

Our extensive in-house processing capabilities are available with materials sourced by Permali or by our clients.

Permali operates a centralised 10,500 sqm site located in Gloucester, South West England, where it has its production operations, design, research & development (R&D) facilities and head office.

All design engineering, manufacturing and product development is carried out to exacting standards including to ISO 9001 certified quality control systems. The company is also AS9100 accredited and holds numerous customer approvals.

Whatever you need, from whatever industry, the Permali team of materials technologists, design engineers and processing specialists are able to quickly apply their combined expertise to rapidly find a solution and deliver the product you need.

Permali’s extensive in-house manufacturing and finishing capabilities include


Glass and/or aramid fibre epoxy or phenolic prepregs, supplied on a roll or as ‘cut to size’ sheets.
Standard and bespoke prepreg grades manufactured using in-house resin formulations for specific markets.

Permali has proven prepregs for producing composite sheet laminates used in demanding mass transport rail and aircraft applications, meeting regulatory standards such as: electrical insulation (BS 2782 Part 2 tests); flame spread & fire, smoke and toxic fumes (FST) resistance (UL 94-V0; FAR/CS 25 flammability; BS EN 45545-2:2013; RSE/STD/013 & 014 Part 1: Issue A).


Bonded construction production of all Permaglass® FRP composite laminates based on Permali epoxy or phenolic prepreg sheets.

High pressure pressing of glass, aramid and specialty UHMWPE fibre reinforced flat panels for ballistic/blast protection and spall liner product grades.

Pressed sheet dimensions dependent on resin type, but most Permaglass® sheet laminate grades available from 0.5mm up to 75mm thick.

For aircraft cargo bay liners, FAR/CS 25 flammability rated composite sheets down to 0.3mm can be pressed using woven ‘E’ or ‘S’ glass fabrics and phenolic or epoxy resin systems.

Contract pressing/compression moulding of ‘bought-in’ raw materials (thermosets and thermoplastics).

Toll manufacturing of customer supplied ‘free issue’ raw material (virgin & recycled blends).


Closed moulding of complex shaped FRP composite parts (vacuum infusion/ RTM/ RTM light/ VARTM) from 250mm up to 2.5m x 2.5m, with moulded- in metallic inserts/fasteners if required.

Moulded parts produced from liquid epoxy, VE or phenolic infusion resin grades, ‘custom formulated’ with fire retardant fillers and additives to meet industry specific regulatory standards.

­Reinforcements include woven and non-woven glass and aramid fibre fabrics (unidirectional, quasi UD, +/- 45, plain weave & satin weaves) from 120-130GSM up to 900GSM.

­Compression moulding of fibre reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic composite sheet materials.
Vacuum bag bonding of lightweight composite sandwich panels with Permaglass® sheet laminate outer skins and balsa, Plasticell® PVC foam and other closed cell foam core materials.




CNC machining of core materials and all in-house manufactured Permaglass® solid laminate and sandwich panel materials: E–glass and S-glass plate; epoxy and phenolic sheets; engineering thermoplastic materials; ballistic plate materials.

5 axis CNC routing machine (Bed envelope: L 3.6 x W 3.2 x T 0.40m. Tol: +/-0.1mm (max wt. 2 tons).

3 axis CNC routing machine (Bed envelope: L 3.0 x W 1.6 x T 0.25m. Tol: +/-0.1mm).

CNC waterjet cutting machine (Bed envelope: L 3.6 x W 1.6m x T 50mm. Tol: +/-0.25mm).


Bonding & Assembly

Permali has expertise in using a wide range of joint sealants and structural adhesives for bonding similar and dissimilar engineering materials: thermoset composites, thermoplastics, metals and ceramics.

­Depending on the materials and type of joint, adhesive systems used include: Epoxy, Phenolic, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Cyano acrylate, Silicones, modified-silane-polymer (MSP) adhesive sealants.

­Ceramic plate inclusion with ballistic grade Permaglass® composite sheet/plates to produce appliqué armour.

­Depending on customer needs, Permali will produce partially or fully assembled, ready to install components and complete panel systems, coated and/or painted to order (FCCS).

Spray Coating & Painting

­Permali can apply Tufshield® elastomeric polyurethane and polyurea surface coating to the surface of almost any material, often applied prior to painting. Tufshield® coatings can be sprayed between 0.5mm to 25mm thick to create a durable, impact, erosion and wear resistant protective layer. The integrity of the composite component is maintained, even if the paint system is damaged due to Tufshield’s UV, moisture and chemical barrier properties.

­Permali has a fully equipped paint shop for the application of 2-pack epoxy and multi-pack polyurethane (PU) paint systems such as British Standard BS 381C & BS 4800 colours used by the Ministry of Defence, UK MOD Defence Standard (Def Stan) 80-208 paints and coatings and Royal Navy Warpaint specifications.

For the Defence sector, Permali can apply a specialty self-sealing outer protection layer to fuel tank systems for military combat vehicles. The BattleJacket® Fuel Cell Containment System is a revolutionary technology designed to minimise or prevent leakage from fuel tanks when subjected to small-arms fire; the thickness of coating can be varied to meet specific ballistic threat levels.

Blown Film Extrusion

­For producing thin gauge Tuftane® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) blown films from 25 microns (0.025 mm) to 750 microns (0.75 mm) thickness and widths up to 1600mm (@25 microns) and 900mm (@750 microns).

­Clear, tinted and opaque coloured standard and bespoke Tuftane® TPU film grades are gravimetrically blended with pigments and specialty additives as required.

­Over 30 Tuftane® TPU grades, polyester or polyether PU based, are available as standard, offering a range of film hardness (82-95 Shore A) and elongation performance from 350% up to 800%.


Roll Slitting

Slitting Tuftane® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films. Roll widths from 50mm are slit and rerolled to order to meet a customer’s specific production line requirements and to minimise scrap.


Design & Consultancy

Permali have a suite of on-site design, development and testing capabilities as well as a range of trusted partners for more specialist test requirements. These capabilities are offered to our clients with the high standards and reassurance our exacting AS9100 quality controls and procedures provide.

Investing to Stay Ahead

To stay ahead of market and customer needs, Permali has an ongoing capital investment programme to update the company’s extensive pressing, moulding, blown film extruding and CAD/CAM cutting and CNC machining capabilities.  Permali also continues to invest in maintaining in-house facilities for FAE design engineering and material properties testing, including fire performance.

Recent investments in new manufacturing equipment include a ‘state-of-the-art’ gravimetric blender for free flowing thermoplastics materials and a fully automated CNC ply cutting machine for high productivity cutting of composite prepreg laminate sheets, dry reinforcement fabrics and core materials in flat sheets or on a roll.

Permali’s People Perform

The unifying business objective for everyone is to ensure that customers can confidently trust in the reliable quality and performance of products developed and manufactured by Permali, time after time.

Permali’s manufacturing expertise in producing FRP composite products and Tuftane® TPU films is combined with highly experienced R & D materials scientists and skilled, knowledgeable, design and process engineers with FEA, 2D and 3D CAD expertise.

Our culture of continuous improvement unifies all functions – highly skilled manufacturing and quality control colleagues; operational and support teams working to the highest standards to ensure Permali meets your requirements at all times.

Quality Assurance.

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