Offering advanced 3-axis and 5-axis CNC waterjet cutting services, Permali provides precision machining for a high-quality finish on a range of composites and other advanced materials.

Our waterjet cutting capabilities enables us to perform precision profiling on hard composites and other materials for advanced manufacturing. Our waterjet cutting solution is a quick cutting process that does not generate heat and profiles components to precise tolerances that creates a high-quality finish.

Precision cutting of advanced composite materials, metals and ceramics will require specialist production tools to ensure that finished components are reliable and accurate. Supported by technical expertise and our specialist CNC waterjet cutting machines, Permali is capable of producing bespoke complex components for a range of projects, applications and markets.

The final components are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and other quality standards.

The CNC Waterjet Cutting Process

As a non-thermal process, waterjet cutting is capable of achieving precision profiling for components without distorting the material’s structure, whilst reducing stress throughout production. Waterjet cutting has a reputation for accuracy and speed, whereby the finished edges are typically clean and without common material imperfections, such as burrs, and limited wastage.

A cost-effective manufacturing solution over conventional cutting, our waterjet machines can cut though materials with a maximum thickness of 700mm, according to a range of specifications, including more complex component shapes or sizes.

Waterjet machines are ideal for precision cutting thick metals and other temperature sensitive materials. Unlike flame, plasma, or laser cutting, there is no heat-affected zone (HAZ) for composites profiled by waterjet machines. Components also require less post-profiling processing or fettling, which will reduce production lead-time.

Waterjet cutting is a versatile and efficient technology. A range of suitable composites can be cut and profiled by our precision waterjet facilities, from common metals to glass reinforced plastics. However, this is non-exhaustive, and our dynamic cutting process has the capability of working on client-specified materials including:

  • Composites
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Metals
  • Wood
  • Ceramics
  • Foam

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

CNC waterjet cutting for advanced materials, including composites, can benefit projects in numerous ways, including:

  • Reduced mechanical stress
  • Range of eligible materials for cutting
  • Limited wastage
  • Precision profiling
  • Scalability to operate on diverse sizes and shapes of components
  • Complex geometry

5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Services

In precision material manufacturing, manual processes can increase the likelihood of error or imperfection in the final component. CNC waterjet cutting is sustained by automation and advanced computing technology, which helps drive accuracy and repeatability, ensuring multiple and complex composites can be produced identically and to exacting specifications.

This is achieved using our CNC waterjet cutting machine, which have:

  • Bed envelope: L 3.6 x W 1.6m x T 50mm
  • Tolerance of +/- 0.05mm
  • Bed size of 4650mm x 2050mm
  • 5-axis and 3-axis waterjet cutters

Waterjet Cutting Applications

Permali applies waterjet cutting to a wide range of industries, including motorsport, aerospace and more.

Waterjet profiling for composites can expand the market applications and possibilities of precision parts, including design innovation and operational efficiency while limiting the cost of expensive cutting tools. For motorsport and aerospace, components can be produced reliably and quickly to satisfy technically demanding engineering sectors.

  1. Permali supplies advanced automotive composites for safety-critical applications, specifically underfloor protection for motorsport, including F1 racing teams.
  2. For rapid turnaround, Permali’s advanced in-house facilities were used in the production and testing of composite panels in the design of a ballistic protection kit, which were used in the deployment of the Merlin to the Afghan theatre.

The market applications of Permali’s precision-made composites satisfy a wide portfolio of clients, projects and markets – including automotive, or military aircraft.

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