Solutions for Construction

Permali manufactures a wide variety of Tuftane® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films, which are both flexible and elastomeric.

Tuftane® TPU films offer a unique combination of excellent abrasion wear, tear strength and puncture resistance, even at low temperatures and outstanding environmental resistance to gases, ozone, water, oil and chemicals. This makes them excellent, tough, thin membrane barrier coating and lining material solutions, which are used in the construction sector for building materials and to repair and refurbish installed underground pipe systems for utilities and industrial plants.

Tuftane® TPU films are based on either polyester or polyether aromatic PU polymer technologies, blended to provide the combination of physical and mechanical properties needed. The Permali technical team works closely with customers to ensure that cost effective Tuftane® film solutions are formulated to meet processing, product performance and regulatory requirements.

All Tuftane® TPU films for construction are blown film extruded in-house, supplied to manufacturers on a continuous roll, either in seamless tubular form for pipe relining, or slit to width and rewound to order as a single layer film for barrier sheeting.

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Cured in Place Piping (CIPP) Relining

A major construction application for Tuftane® TPU films is in the cured-in-place piping (CIPP) process, used to repair and refurbish existing underground piping systems.

CIPP is a widely used ‘trenchless’ method of adding a joint free, seamless, new pipelining within an existing pipe, which can be as small as 100mm to over 1.5 metres in diameter.

Permali has been supplying leading installers of CIPP systems for over 15 years. Specially formulated Tuftane® polyurethane TPU film grades have proved to be the ideal, long term pipe coating solution for the CIPP process, which is used all over the world for relining drains, sewage, mains water, gas, industrial effluent and chemical pipelines.

The flexibility of the polyester Tuftane® film, being an elastomeric PU polymer product, makes it easy to handle, install and conforms to the shape of the inner wall of the pipe when in-situ. The exceptional tear, cut and puncture resistance, even at low temperatures, combined with outstanding chemical resistance to both liquids and gases, provide the properties required to reline virtually any piping system.

Tuftane® TPU Product Range for CIPP Relining

Film pipe liner thickness - from 25 microns (0.025 mm) to 750 microns (0.75 mm)
Seamless tube format - in diameters from 50mm up to 1600mm (@ 25 microns) and 900mm (@750 microns)
Continuous roll lengths
Range of film hardness (82 - 95 Shore A)

Other Building & Construction Applications

Tuftane® TPU film products can also be used in other building and construction applications including:

  • Mould release liner for casting complex shaped concrete or gypsum structural sections
  • Building sheet lining
  • Waterproof membranes
  • Thermal membranes

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