Tuftane® TPU Film Solutions

Permali manufactures a wide variety of Tuftane® branded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomeric film products which are used in applications needing a tough, highly elastic flexible film as part of the product design.

Tuftane® TPU films are specified in many markets, applications and environments: from artificial heart components, blood plasma bags and isolation tents in hospitals, to construction pipelining, aircraft furnishings, automotive parts and industrial valves. Tuftane® TPU films in a choice of over 30 grades, supplied in rolls up to 1.6 m wide, slit to width.

Tuftane® TPU film grades are blended using either polyester or polyether aromatic PU polymer technologies. Standard and bespoke grades with specialty additives options are available to order. The Permali technical team works closely with customers to ensure that cost effective film material solutions are provided with the exact additives, technical specification and properties needed to meet their processing, product performance and regulatory requirements. Film grades from very soft and flexible to hard and stiff are blended to match end use applications.

All Tuftane® TPU films are blown film extruded in-house, supplied to manufacturers on a roll, slit to width and rewound to order to optimise material utilisation and minimise scrap.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Films can be clear, translucent or opaque, tinted or solid colour matched, as required
  • High quality enhanced property additive options e.g. anti-static, high slip, fire resistance, anti-microbial
  • Range of film hardness (82 – 95 Shore A) and elongation performance from 350% up to 800%
  • Film Thickness from 25 microns (0.025 mm) to 750 microns (0.75 mm)
  • Roll widths from 38mm, supplied up to 1600mm (@ 25 microns) and 900mm (@750 microns)
  • Excellent abrasion wear, tear strength and puncture resistance, even at low temperatures
  • Outstanding environmental resistance to gases, ozone, water, oil and chemicals
  • Excellent biocompatibility, compliant with ISO 10993
  • High elastic strain recovery up to 650% elongation
  • Soft to the touch

Markets & Applications

Tuftane® TPUs can be used as laminating films, transparent membranes, hot melt adhesives, protective liners, barrier films, functional surface treatments, inflatable bladders and numerous other applications. Tuftane® TPU films are used in virtually every market sector as part of a very wide variety of industrial products and consumer goods.

Processing & Finishing Options

Tuftane® TPU films are easy for a manufacturer to work with using traditional techniques for combining, converting and finishing of plastic and rubber materials.

Commonly used processing and finishing techniques used include:

  • Thermoforming (Vacuum Forming)
  • Adhesive Laminating / Bonding
  • Heat Laminating / Bonding
  • Flame Laminating / Bonding
  • Solvent Bonding
  • Cutting , Punching & Stamping
  • Plastic Welding (RF, HF, Ultrasonic)
  • Heat Sealing
  • Embossing
  • Printing

Tuftane® TPU Film Range

Tuftane® film grades in polyester or polyether PU based formulations are available as standard, as listed in the downloadable grade selector table below:

  • Tuftane® polyester TPU grades – offer high mechanical properties, abrasion, heat ageing and chemical resistance
  • Tuftane® polyether TPU grades – are ideal for applications where hydrolysis and microbial resistance along with high flexibility, even at very low temperatures, are critical performance attributes

Understanding Customer & Market Needs

Permali’s continued success with Tuftane® film solutions in highly competitive global markets has been achieved by a combination of maintaining quality assurance, supply reliability and cost control, along with remaining technically innovative and responsive to changing market trends, regulatory standards and customer needs.

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