As part of the company’s long term business growth strategy, Permali has added a new CMS tecnocut idroline S2040 5-axis waterjet cutter and CMS MX5 gantry 5-axis CNC machining centre to its manufacturing facilities in Gloucester, UK. This major capital investment has expanded Permali’s production capacity and upgraded its in-house 3D machining capabilities to machine large, more complex components from composites, metals, ceramics and other high-performance engineering materials.

Targeting new business 

Permali’s new 5-axis CNC Router

The new CMS waterjet cutter has a 4650mm x 2050mm bed size, designed to ensure very high standards of cutting accuracy. To increase operator safety and reduce over-spill, this latest model has automatic sliding glass barriers. The technocut idroline S2040’s innovative 5-axis cutting head features CMS jet drive compensation (JDC) technology which minimises conicity, providing high quality finish and size tolerance 3D machining capabilities. The proprietary JDC cutting head features include: infinite rotation for nesting cuts without breakpoints; cutting from 0° to 62°; automatic taper compensation up to 60° tilt angle; 3D machining; profile countersinking and chamfering; monitoring of cutting component wear.

The new CMS MX5 gantry 5-axis machining centre has a large 4000mm x 3200mm x 700mm work envelope, designed with a highly stable monobloc unit structure and fitted with CMS’s latest generation motors, drive systems and moving part technology. The MX5 provides Permali with productivity performance, precision and reliability, even when machining the most challenging engineering materials.

The addition of the new 5 axis waterjet cutter and CNC machining centre is enabling Permali to target new business in both defence and civil markets. Fraser Rankin, Director of Sales & Marketing for Permali explains: “Our 3-axis and new 5-axis water jet cutters and CNC milling and routing machines are now being used to develop new applications, particularly for more complex composite parts, not only for our long established air, sea and land defence customers, but also increasingly for non-military market sectors, such as medical, motorsport, civil aerospace, rail and automotive.”   

Permali’s new 5-axis Water Jet Cutter

Fraser went on to say: “An example of this is Permali’s new development of complex shaped vacuum infused FRP mouldings for use on London Underground rolling stock, compliant with EN45545 fire safety standards.  The parts in question take full advantage of the enhanced vertical integration capabilities that Permali used in-house on this project. These included 3D scanning, reverse engineering, CAD/CAM manufacturing, vacuum infusion, 5-axis machining, and painting.”

Permali designs, manufactures and supplies a vast range of bespoke FRP composite panels, components, and systems, based on a wide variety of resins, fibres, cores, and adhesives. The Permali product range also includes standard and bespoke Tuftane® aromatic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastic films.

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