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Aircraft cargo bay liner solutions

For more than 50 years, Permali has been a leading global aerospace supplier of Permaglass® advanced composite materials and machined components for civil and military aircraft which meet MOD and FAA aviation safety standards.

The primary role of aircraft cargo bay liners is to prevent the spread of flames, smoke and toxic fumes (FST) from the cargo compartment in the unlikely event of a fire. The secondary function is to provide a tough, hardwearing internal surface for the cargo bay area, which can stand high repeated impact from loose passenger baggage and sliding wear from heavy boxes, crates and palletised cargo.

Permali has developed fire resistant (FR) aircraft cargo liner solutions, manufactured using woven ‘E’ or ‘S’ glass fabrics with either an FR epoxy resin or FST rated phenolic resin grade.

All Permaglass® GRP composite sheet products used for civil aircraft cargo bay liner meet FAR/CS 25 flammability requirements and have approvals from Boeing, Fokker, Saab and BAE Systems.

Stock Sheets or CNC Machined Cargo Liner Kits

Permaglass® FRP sheet materials suitable for fabricating cargo bay lining can be supplied to manufacturers as semi-finished stock sheets in specified grades and thicknesses, or as cut to size panel kits for a specified aircraft model.

Permali also has 3 & 5 axis CNC machining, bonding, coating, painting and assembly capabilities. This enables Permali to also supply ready to install bespoke fabricated composite finished components, including any metal fixtures, to an aerospace customer’s design and specifications.

Repair Patches for Cargo Bay Liners

For cost effective maintenance and repair of an operational aircraft, Permali supplies a “peel and stick” repair patch product to repair damaged liners in situ. Cargo lining panels, particularly in passenger aircraft with loose baggage are prone to minor damage in small areas. The “peel and stick” liner repair patches are very quick and easy to apply by hand, requiring no special tools.

Permali’s cargo liner repair patches have been fully tested to meet the FAR25 App.F standard, with approvals from Boeing and Airbus.

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