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Specialist composite solutions for the rail industry

Delivering leading composite material solutions across Defence, Aerospace, Rail and Automotive markets since 1937


Composites are synonymous with high performance amongst mass transit operators. Manufacturers of rolling stock in the rail industry are increasingly exploiting the strength-to-weight advantages composite material solutions offer and delivering dramatic reductions in weight, with corresponding improvements in power-to-weight of a rail vehicle.

With over 50 years of experience developing, designing and manufacturing composite material solutions for the rail industry, Permali is well positioned to be your preferred composite supplier for a wide range of rail applications. 

Composites offer designers the opportunity to build lightweight, aerodynamic structures, capable of improving crash performance and durability, while reducing operating and maintenance costs through the life of the rolling stock.

Permali have supplied advanced moulded composite sandwich solutions for energy absorbing cabs which improve crash worthiness.

Permali also have a wealth of experience in supplying composite laminate materials which offer electrical insulation and fire protection for railway vehicles in compliance with BS EN 45545-2:2013.  We understand how to deliver these advantages while appreciating the inherent fire risks associated with ignition, flammability, surface spread of flame, and toxic gas emissions.

Permali's Permaglass MER35 offers halogen-free, fire retardant electrical insulation in compliance with the most demanding rolling stock requirements including RSE/STD/013.  This unique material meets the stringent safety regulations specified by London Underground and provides excellent resistance against arcing and tracking . Permaglass MER components include shoe beams and arc boxes/barriers for a range of electrically powered units, and provide an excellent alternative to asbestos based materials.

Permaglass MFM is a decorative phenolic glass laminate used in train interiors as a lining where a high degree of scratch and graffiti resistance is required.  Developed to meet demanding fire specifications, Permaglass MFM can be seen in use on London Underground Tube Stock, as well as other UK surface stock.

Permaglass 22FE materials are a range of standard fine weave glass epoxy laminates which we machine using precision CNC machines to produce electrical insulation components.

Delivering leading composite material solutions across Defence, Aerospace, Rail and Automotive markets since 1937