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Since 1937, Permali has been delivering MOD approved composite material solutions for protecting land based British Army, NATO and UN military personnel.

The company has a strong heritage and proven reputation across all three Defence sectors – Land, Sea and Air. Permali products have seen active service in many conflicts and theatres of operation during WW2, in the Middle East, Northern Ireland and more recently in the Gulf and Afghanistan wars.

A particular specialty of Permali is the rapid design, product development, testing and manufacture of light weight passive anti-ballistic, spall and blast protection materials and systems. Land defence products include: appliqué armour panels, underfloor blast resistant armour and internal spall liner panels to NATO STANAG 4569 and AEP 55 standards. All Permali armour and blast protect products are subjected to rigorous environmental, ballistic and safety tests to the required EU, US, UK MOD and NATO standards.

Ballistic panels are manufactured using glass fibre, aramid or UHMWPE materials and thermoset resin systems or advanced thermoplastic matrices. Depending on the level of protection needed, Permali armour solutions can incorporate a combination of advanced materials. Permaglass® laminate panels or FRP composite parts can also incorporate ceramic tiles for increased protection levels against high velocity armour piercing rounds, and aluminium or steel skins for greater rigidity.

Permaglass® composite sheet materials or custom designed panel sets can be supplied for installation in new vehicles or retro fitted as appliqué armour and spall liner upgrades for in-service combat zone vehicles.

Permali’s expert team of materials technologists and design engineers work closely with the MOD, the military and OEM vehicle manufacturers to design optimised armour solutions, which aim to improve protection levels and reduce weight.

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